Hookah steam stones

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Hookah pleasure with steam instead of smoke

Apple and minty odor have become at least in every major city part of everyday life. A once an important cultural rite of the Arab world in the 16th Century originated in Egypt, is acceptable in the western-world. A fraction of this trend seemed to promise the sudden appearance of a concern of the experts. Even the tobacco crop, the conventional way is to use, contains nicotine develops from smoking and other harmful products of combustion. One innovation is to solve this problem shows itself in so-called steam stones.

Steam Stones - the nicotine-free solution?

This tar-and nicotine-free "steam goods", which is also called Steam Stones, should make tobacco and smoke unnecessary. Because the flavors are not released through combustion, but odors and flavors are vaporized. This eliminates any combustion products through the raw material of steam stones, even harmful ingredients such as nicotine are needed. In December 2010, the Bavarian Administrative Court in Germany, the hookah smoking with steam by stones injunction in hookah bars has allowed since the Steam Stones release flavored steam.

Steam stones properly used

Just as in dealing with tobacco water pipes, the use of steam stones must be observed also in a few factors. The steam minerals already exist either in the form of flavored or as blanks, which can be saturated with various flavors. Do this create the Steam Stones in the appropriate aromatic fluid which they absorb up to optimal saturation in itself. Some stores also recommend moistening with molasses, especially for a used stone can be used repeatedly. Here, however, should always be paid to the respective manufacturer's instructions. Afterwards, the steam stones in the head of the hookah down and are then heated and vaporized. Usually at this point, the recommended use of electrical coal, which releases the aroma of the Steam Stone constant. The rest of the smoking ritual remains, as it has existed since the invention of the hookah. Displays until the end of a dwindling vapor steam stone.

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